Best Place You’ve Never Eaten: Angelino’s

Philadelphia has a booming restaurant scene that can keep casual diners occupied with new restaurants for the rest of their life (just ask The New York Times). Due to the sheer number of restaurants in the area, there are many great places that never get a lot of press or social media attention. I plan on highlighting some of these less talked-about bars and restaurants that deserve praise to give readers options besides the latest Garces or Starr opening. I’ll be starting with one of my favorite pizza places: Angelino’s.

BBQ pulled pork pizza

BBQ pulled pork pizza

Angelino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is a small Italian restaurant in the Fairmount neighborhood. If you’re having trouble finding it, just look for a cop car parked in front of the fire hydrant. It’s usually there.

I was fortunate enough to live just a few blocks away from here, and it became my go-to takeout place. It also has a great BYOB dining area, with a jazz band every Thursday night. Angelino’s serves some of the best pizza around (yes, better than Tacconelli’s… put down the pitchforks) with a thick, garlicky crust. It also has superb speciality pizzas, with the margarita and spicy chorizo being the standouts here.

lThe food here can seem a bit pricey compared to other similar restaurants, but portion sizes are large, and it’s easy to order a stromboli on a Friday night and have it last all weekend.

In the overcrowded, mid-priced italian restaurant scene, Angelino’s does enough right to set itself apart and make this a place worth going out of the way for.

Editor’s Note: “Best Place You’ve Never Eaten” will be a recurring feature on Suburban Gentleman. Do you know of a Philadelphia eatery that should be part of the series? Comment on this post or contact us here.

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