Top Five Philly Bars For Non-Drinkers

Full Disclosure: I don’t drink. However, I do enjoy a healthy social life and regularly go out to bars. For a non-drinker, this can be a grinding experience at times, depending on where you go and who you’re with. Here are five bars in Philadelphia that are extremely enjoyable, even while you retain your sobriety.

5. XIX

XIX (Credit:

One of the classiest of all of the “roof-top” bars in Philly.

Located at the top of the Bellevue on the corner of Walnut and Broad, it has some of the best views of the city. It’s quiet enough to have great conversation and lively enough to avoid feeling stale and boring. Put on a nice suit, call some friends (or a pretty girl) and you’re in for a nice night.

My love for this place may be the fact that the first time I went here, I got to watch Charles Barkley chat up some beautiful 20-somethings, which was the perfect mix of odd and incredible.

4. Morgan’s Pier


Perfect for summer evenings.

Big tables and the riverside location (and occasionally fireworks) make for an extremely fun night regardless of your BAC.

However, the biggest reason why it skips ahead of XIX comes in two words: Snack Bacon. I don’t think you really need anything else other than that.

3. Frankford Hall


Beer Garden isn’t the first place you’d think would show up on a list of good bars for non-drinkers, but Frankford Hall really an awesome place. Ping-Pong, Jenga, milkshakes, pretzels, and all sorts of other food and non-drinking-related activities really add to the environment.

I’ve never had a bad time here, and it’s right next to one of my favorite food spots in Philly, ( and fellow member of the Starr empire) Fette Sau and the No. 2 bar on this list.

2. Barcade

Down the street from Frankford Hall, Barcade is exactly what the name implies. I don’t think it needs much more explaining than that.

1. Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.


A favorite bar for  (I swear they’re not paying us…but it would be cool if they did) the Franklin has a relaxed, refined atmosphere that is great for a good laugh with some good friends.

The nicest part about Frankies (I just made that up, so clearly it is now a thing), is that they make mocktails for all the teetotalers among us.  This is nice for two reasons: 1) It makes you more part of the experience and less like an outsider as non-drinking at bars can sometimes do, and 2) They are delicious.

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